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The Alphabet according to Doctor Who
Here it is then, the Doctor Who alphabet (or, The Alphabet according to my former lab partner):
A is for Allons-y! often used by number Ten.
B is for bowties which are cool anywhere and when.
C is for Cybermen and the thousands they deleted.
D is for Daleks whom the Time Lords defeated.
E is for Earth on the verge of extermination
F is for fezzes: an overnight sensation.
G is for Gallifrey with the orange sky.
H is for Help! A request the Doctor can't deny.
I is for I'm Sorry because sometimes everybody loses.
J is for John Smith: an alias of many uses.
K is for K-9, a tindog most sublime.
L is for love which crops up all the time.
M is for Mars: a planet not so far away.
N is for New New York where there's a gridlock all day.
O is for the Ood and the sad song they sang.
P is for the Pandorica opening and another big bang.
Q is for questions, unanswered for so long.
R is for running into River Song.
S is for a sonic screwdriver: the doctor's hidden ace.
T is for TARDIS travelling throu
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It Was A Day
It was a day a little bit like today
the way the clouds threw shadows over the hill
the day you realized that you weren’t going to find your future.
You were never going to go to Mars
or Pern
or Krynn
You were never going to open the door that led, inexorably, to Narnia
(or even Telmar, you weren’t picky, and you were confident of your ability
to lead the revolution.)
Inigo Montoya was not going to slap you on the back
and invite you to take up the mantle of the Dread Pirate Roberts.
There would be no sardonic Vulcans or Andorians;
you would never be handed an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.
That was a strange day.
It ranked up there with the day that you realized that everybody else saw the you in the mirror, not the you inside your head. Not the you that was lean and tough and clever, not the you with perfect hair and a resonant voice that never said “Um….?”
Not that you.
No, they got the one that was fat and wobbly and stiff inside with
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Personal Quote: "don't take life too seriously, you won't get out alive"
I think I have a new obsession.

Zentangles  its a type of doodling using a step by step process to create complicated looking 'tangles' combined together to create a 'zentangle'  only using a simple pen, and no erasing.  the step by step, and black and white nature is supposed to be very meditative and calming, hence the 'zen'.  

I have gone through pages and pages in my sketchbook already and its only been abut a week and a half.  I find them so fun, and yes, meditative.  I know it sounds kinda woo,  but making these drawings really is so meditative and relaxing.  and the result is always so nifty.

I've cut up a sheet of watercolor paper and am working on a bunch of bookmarks now.  so fun, and useful!  I had an amazon gift card to spend, so I got Sandy Bartholomew's Totally Tangled, and I LOVE IT!  there are so many  tangles and ideas, I really want to get her other books now too.

for more info in zentangles check out the zentangle blog or thezentangle patterns website  and my favorite zentangle teacher/blogger/author Sandy Bartholomew at her blog


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